Pomeranian  "Pocket Poms"  Puppies for Sale In Las Vegas, NV

These beautiful Pomeranian puppies are selling fast. If your interested in one of our
beautiful little babies, please feel free to contact us at  
All of our Pocket Pomeranian puppies are purebred. They have been treated for worms,  
parasites and have has their first shots when they leave our home. All of our       Pocket
Poms come to you pre-spoiled as they are raised in our home.
We do NOT cage or kennel our
dogs or our pups and we do NOT place our puppies in homes where they will be caged,
kenneled kept outside or confined.
The contract states we can take back dogs sold to these
type of homes at no charge to us if we find proof of this behavior.
Dog or puppy will be
repossessed at buyers cost.
We also do not sell to breeders or pet stores. Our pocket poms
are sold to wonderful families who are looking for a beautiful
and loving pet. We breed healthy, beautiful and unique Poms.
We specialize in Exotic colors such as Merles, Partis, Tri Colored, Beaver and other rare
colors for Pomeranian's. If you are looking for special markings or a special color, you have
come to the right place. We are named
Pocket Poms, but there is no breed called Pocket
Poms or Pocket Pomeranian's, this is what WE named our business. Many people have since
started using the name PocketPoms as though it is a breed of Pomeranian's.  Pomeranian is
and has always been the Official name of Pomeranian's, they are a "Toy".Breed
Pomeranian Puppies in Las Vegas,  Pomeranian breeder, I do not kennel or cage these indoor Pomeranian's.
Pomeranian dogs bread in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I do not know any breeders in California that sells
Pomeranian's. My Pomerianion's are pre spoiled, all shots needed when they leave. Pomeranian babies come
in pocket size and medium size and large size. Pomeranian pup questions please just ask. Las Vegas, NV is
the perfect place to buy your Pomeranian pup or pups. Pomeranian pups also sold to California, Arizona,
Utah, or any State you wish to fly in and pick up.
Pomeranian dogs are kept indoors and wormed and kept up on shots.  Pomeranian pups in many colors,
merles, parti colors, rare colors. I have breed pomeranian dogs and have been breeding pomeranian babies
for 14 years in Nevada.
I am fussy where my pomeranian pups go as I want indoor free run homes for these darling Pomeranian
Pomeranian pups in Las Vegas, Utah, Arizona and California area.

Pomeranian Las Vegas, NV

Pomeranian Pups, California

Pomeranian Pups, Utah and Arizona.

Origional Pomeranian pups

Tiny Pomeranian pups, Pomeranian pups come from darling Pom mommies and daddies.
Pomeranian pups are all I breed.

Pomeranian in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Pom's For Sale!  
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 Puppies Due Soon ..... Pups come with 2 parvo shots, wormed
and parasi
te  treated.
Thank You!!!